The First Week of Detox-Kicking Diet Coke

Diet Coke (2)
Passenger seat of my car


A blog dedicated to a Diet Coke addict would be very boring. Do you really want to know about the hole in my heart that drives me to consume the ridiculous quantities of caffeine and chemicals that I do? I don’t, that is why I deny it in the addiction of my soft fizzy companion. However, for all of my fellow Diet Coke addicts, here is what to expect when you are ready to be free from the fizzy handcuffs.

Monday– Sent to ER Room for blackouts, heart palpitations, and cognitive difficulties. They did not have soda machine in facility. While waiting for work up, noticed that the Diet Cokes that I had brought from home had horrible smell like fermenting juice coming from bottle and cap…I think that the bottler must have contaminated the supply with sugar drinks. ER Dr mentioned that I had MS symptoms .Only 7- 12 oz bottles that day.

Tuesday– Remembered link to MS like symptoms and Aspartame. Determined to quit once and for all…wrote post to make it harder to back track. Followup with my doctor: He had no ideas of the quantities of Diet Coke that I drank (although I am sure that I said that I drank ‘a lot’) He said that in my case, he believed that I was consuming at least 5 x the amount of liquid that people need and that my kidneys were being taxed. He asked about my urine color. Clear of course. Wrong answer…urine needs color. My doctor believes that I have an electrolyte imbalance…which is why I am especially befuddled and blackout after hard work out. 4- 12 oz Diet Cokes that day and lots of green tea.

Wednesday– Cold Turkey…What to substitute for my fizzy friend? This is easy this time, since I am not giving up caffeine, I drank very watered down ice coffee that day. I calculated that I consumed 940 Milligrams of caffeine a day which is equivalent to at least 6 cups of 8 oz of coffee. Diet Coke is hard to find because there are so many addicts. The cost for a six pack of 12 oz bottles is $4. The cost saving would be at least $3,000 for the year. Cleaned  out the sku of lemon lime seltzer in my local supermarket. Told check out lady that I was detoxing and got a polite smile…Got some seltzer at Trader Joes and good sweet plain frozen yogurt. I told everyone at Traders that I was detoxing from Diet Coke. My BF, Mortimer, who works there, was very sympathetic but the other women were less so. I think that are just jealous. Mort has seen me try this before over the years. O bottles of Diet Coke.

Thursday– Did not feel great but OK… craving sugar and carbs. I am not giving up sugar…Had lots of plain frozen yogurt…put crasins in everything. Went to find fizzy non- sugar substitute in another supermarket. I told everyone in the store that I was detoxing from Diet Coke…Polite smiles. Brought artificially laden seltzer home by accident…very had to find pure seltzer now. My urine is now a color and I am sweating like crazy and need to take several baths a day. 0 bottles.

Diet Coke

 I can only look longingly at this now. I salivate. I was so happy when all of  my stores added these poison boxes…I could drink and shop.

Friday– Went to dermatologist to have skin cancer looked at. I decided to try Botox since I was saving so much money…got collagen injections in my lips. The dermatologist was very sympathetic to my detox…I asked her if she thought that it was OK if I had Diet Coke only when eating out. She advised me not to get the taste in my mouth at all. Good, otherwise I would be going out for all of my meals, later that day my friend Wendy said that the dermatologist had to be sympathetic because I was spending so much money with her. We figured that I was really saving at least $5,000 from kicking this habit since I often went to Target to buy Diet Coke and always spent more. 0 Bottles


My new lips

Saturday– Told everyone at the gym that I was giving up Diet Coke. The gym rats are into nutrition and gave me tips. One man with an epileptic child said that their neurologist said to stay away from Aspartame. I sweated so much from a baby work out…very smelly in the gym… it could have been me. My husband hated my new lips and said I looked as if I had been punched.  Went shopping at SYMs with my friend to spend my new-found money. 0 Bottles

Sunday–  I have noticed that over the week, I have had a much better ability to concentrate. I hope that I am as fun and will have to ask my friends at the end of the month to find out. My husband noticed that I am less “puffy” despite my increased intake of sugar. Maybe I will weigh myself. For the first time in 22 years, I am finding this compulsion easier to kick…Perhaps I am really ready to face the absence of my sweet little comfort. This week, I have thought of the Buddhist discussion on the need to feed “the hungry ghost” . Ironically, when I went to find the Cure song about this, it was in a Coca Cola sponsored Cure concert. Do you think that the Coca Cola Company is on to the addictive power of their products? Well I think so and that is why I buy shares in the company I have been a big supporter of their poison for years.


 Previously Published on Open Salon November 21st 2010 under Snarkychaser I am sorry to say that I fell off the wagon Jan uary 2012.